Do you create art, work at a nonprofit, or blog in your spare time? Do you have a small business and need to know what resources are available? Are you constantly pinching pennies but still want to explain what you need with someone face-to-face?

Lexington Web Services makes websites and solves problems. We are a local, independently run business owned and operated by experienced professionals. Since we’re local, you’re our neighbor! This means we want to keep you happy, whether that means top-notch customer service or pricing that won’t break the bank.


Domain Registration & Hosting

We offer affordable domain registration and hosting. Our prices start as low as $15/month and can include other services, such as server backups, routine maintenance, and advanced security features. Contact us with any questions.

Customized Installations

We prefer WordPress, although we can install Drupal, Weebly, or MediaWiki. We will even help you choose the best theme for your site and configure all of the best plugins to help with your business, portfolio, or blog. Contact us for more information.

Consulting & Online Classes

Lexington Web Services wants to empower our customers, and that means giving you as much transparency and information as possible. With that in mind, we are creating FREE blog tutorials and offer one-on-one consulting billed at a competitive hourly rate. We are also planning to host online classes and video tutorials that will be exclusive for our customers. Contact us for any questions or concerns.


Lexington Web Services is owned and operated by Bronson O’Quinn. Bronson is a writer with five years of experience blogging and organizing online communities. While his passion lies with writing and creating books, he has learned a lot by working with the Lexington writing and art communities. He also works at a local nonprofit and blogs for a poetry press.

To learn more about Bronson, click here.


Practical Password Security

The greatest security risk is not a hacker; it’s the hacked. Take a look at the Clinton email scandal. The leak started because John Podesta gave his password to a phishing email. Even if he had the most unbreakable password possible, he gave it away. The NY Times said that he consulted someone else who said […]

Why WordPress?

Why use WordPress when there are so many options? After all, it’s impossible to listen to a podcast without hearing an advertisement for SquareSpace. And if you want to “do it yourself”, Wix and Weebly have such easy-to-use interfaces. So why use WordPress?

New Website!

We’ve officially launched a new website. It’s based on the new default WordPress theme, “Twenty Seventeen”, which was created by Mel Choyce as a dynamic landing page for a business. If you have any questions about the new website, please comment below.


Please feel free to ask any questions, even if you’re not sure what you need.